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Unlock the potential of high-detail 3D printing with resin

With high-detail 3D printing, a new world of possibilities opens up.

Our advanced Resin technology helps to create intricate parts with complex designs and shapes that wouldn’t have been achievable before, setting the stage for limitless creativity.

Utilize high-resolution 3D printing for the vivid details in your creation with an array of resin material options to select from.


Revolutionize your product development with FDM 3D printing

FDM 3D printing is revolutionizing the way we use and manufacture products, allowing for greater versatility, affordability, and accessibility.

It helps to produce complex designs quickly without sacrificing on quality or accuracy. This technology has seen an rapid growth in popularity across many industries due to its multitude of uses.

With FDM 3D printing, you have the freedom to select from a range of high-quality materials that meet your needs. Create prototypes with confidence knowing there’s an option for every project!


Transform your production processes with 3D printing

3D printing has revolutionized series production, with its ability to rapidly and consistently manufacture multiple customized products at a fraction of the cost.

This technology enables organizations to manufacture at a larger quantity and with much greater precision, ensuring quality without compromising on speed.

Its flexibility and reliability make 3D printing an ideal choice for businesses looking to advance their production processes.

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Our service has modify the way businesses from various fields leverage 3D technology.

From agencies, interior design studios to industry companies searching for a series production.

We helped our clients create product replicas, awards, terrain maps for dioramas, miniature scenes for video games, tabletops and much more


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The team from D3Stooges3D is extremely friendly and pleasant. They quickly and efficiently printed and assembled my small tool for coffee distribution. Thank you once again and I look forward to a future collaboration!
Ino Zeljak
Profesional photographer
The collaboration with D3Stooges was excellent. They were very accommodating, willing to explain everything, give a presentation of all the options, and offer advice for the best solution for the project. Everything was completed according to the agreement and within the deadlines, with pleasant communication throughout.
Ana Krstić
Bruketa & Žinić
Thanks to your company, our gaming brand Lvl8 had so cool pendants. You guys truly kick ass. Thanks for being so awesome! And special thanks so much for super fast delivery and quality of your work. Looking forward working with you again!
Helena Čop
LVL 8 creative producer
We rate our collaboration with D3Stooges3D Studio as an excellent business experience. Entrust them with a task and you will receive a superbly executed product within the agreed timeframe.
Dizz Concept
Dizz proizvodi
I am a huge fan of collectible figurines, and the team from D3Stooges3D fulfilled my dream by turning the mascot of my band, Chui, which I designed, into a beautiful 3D model. It now sits on the shelf next to Predators and Aliens, but of course, Chui is the coolest guy in that fierce group.
Toni Starešinić
Klavijaturist, skladatelj i glazbeni producent
During the development process of the content for the permanent exhibition at Poklon Center, we gathered a huge number of interdisciplinary collaborators, including the fantastic D3Stooges3D! Their high level of creativity, skill in painting, attention to detail, and our professional guidance resulted in unique replicas of the animal world of Učka.
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