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In General

The website www.d3stooges3d.com, along with all of its subdomains (referred to as “D3Stooges3D website” from hereon), is owned and operated by D3Stooges3D d.o.o. (referred to as “D3Stooges3D d.o.o.” or “us” from hereon). By accessing and using the D3Stooges3D website, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the terms of use, agree to all the conditions and rules mentioned here, and consent to using the D3Stooges3D website in accordance with these terms.

We reserve the right to make changes to the appearance and content of the D3Stooges3D website, as well as to the terms of use. Therefore, we ask that you periodically review them to familiarize yourself with any possible changes.

D3Stooges3D d.o.o. makes reasonable efforts to ensure that accurate and up-to-date information is published on the D3Stooges3D website, but we do not take responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of the information, and we do not recognize any right to objection in this regard. D3Stooges3D d.o.o. is not responsible for any consequences that may arise from a different interpretation of the materials and content on the D3Stooges3D website. D3Stooges3D d.o.o. does not guarantee that the D3Stooges3D website will always be available and accessible, and that it will not contain errors or viruses. Each user expressly accepts the use of the D3Stooges3D website at their own risk.

Permitted Use

It is prohibited to publicly display, transmit, publish, modify, reproduce, distribute, participate in the transmission or sale, make copies, upload or use the entire content of the D3Stooges3D websites or their parts, or select and coordinate their content, without explicit written permission from D3Stooges3D d.o.o. and other holders of copyright and other intellectual property rights.

Copyright & Other Rights

The content of the D3Stooges3D websites is protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights, particularly trademark and design rights, which exclusively belong to D3Stooges3D d.o.o., or are used by D3Stooges3D d.o.o. based on explicit permission from the rights holders. D3Stooges3D d.o.o. also holds exclusive rights to edit, select, and coordinate the content of the D3Stooges3D websites.

Images & Videos

This statement outlines that all photographs, images, videos, audio recordings, music, and other materials found on the D3Stooges3D website are the exclusive property of D3Stooges3D d.o.o. The statement also specifies that all intellectual property rights to the materials on the website belong to D3Stooges3D d.o.o. and that all rights are reserved.

The use of these materials is only permitted for promotional, editorial, and informational purposes in newspapers, magazines, and electronic media. The use of any material from the D3Stooges3D website in connection with the sale of products or services of any kind is not permitted.
The defined permission and method of using the D3Stooges3D website cannot be transferred, subcontracted, or assigned, and any transfer, subcontract, or assignment will be deemed void. Media users who use materials from the D3Stooges3D website agree to fully comply with the established limitations and conditions and accept responsibility for any damages that may result from non-compliance.

User Behavior

The obligation and responsibility of the user is to use the D3Stooges3D website in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Croatia, as well as with general moral and ethical principles. Users must not publish or transmit through the D3Stooges3D website any materials that infringe or violate the rights of others, that are illegal, threatening, offensive, defamatory, invasive of privacy, vulgar, obscene, or otherwise undesirable in measured communication, that incite unlawful activities or otherwise violate any law, and that contain advertising or offer any products and services without prior express written consent from D3Stooges3D d.o.o.

Use of Cookies

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The cookie does not contain your personal information, but allows for faster and more efficient activation of information, data, and settings that you have already previously communicated when accessing and using d3stooges3d.com. Our cookies on your computer cannot be accessed by a website that is not part of the d3stooges3d.com website. D3Stooges3D d.o.o. tracks the statistical visits to its pages solely to obtain necessary information about the attractiveness and success of its pages, and for this purpose, it uses a third-party service called Google Analytics.

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